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UGX 25
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We can produce great looking Paper labels for all your products. Whether you need Plastic bottle labels, glass bottle labels, food jar labels, cosmetic Jar labels, or tube labels. Get 16,000 Full Colour Bottle/Jar Labels(A7: 7.4x10.5cm) at Only 25/= per Piece. Call: 256-752-553881
UGX 45
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Do you want to launch a new product/service, or remind your customers about how great your product is? Hand Bills will boost your business at only a fraction of the cost. Get 8000 Full Colour HandBills (A6: 10.5x14.8cm) at Only 45/= per Copy. Call: 256-752-553881
UGX 88
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Leaflets present readers with a large amount of information, which can be difficult through other mediums like Posters, TV and Radio Adverts. Get 4000 Full Colour Leaflets (A5: 14.8x21cm) at Only 88/= per Copy. Call: 256-752-553881
UGX 175
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The biggest advantage of using posters is that they can be put just about anywhere and seen by almost anyone. 2000 pcs of A4 Posters (Dimension: 21.0 x 29.7cm) at Only 350/= per Piece. Call: 256-752-553881
UGX 350
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You can hang multiple posters in one location to increase brand visibility. Bombarding people with imagery will ensure the message is going to sit in their heads long after they have viewed the poster. 1000 pcs of A3 Posters (Dimension: 29.7 x 42.0cm) at Only 350/= per Piece. Call: 256-752-553881
UGX 600
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Attractive Posters provide a cost-effective way of communicating to your market & lure potential customers to buy your product & increase brand awareness. Posters are cheaper than Radio & Television. 1000 pcs of A2 Posters (Dimension: 42.0 x 59.4cm) at Only 600/= per Piece. Call: 256-752-553881
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